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“Linda Lile is a gifted healer, with a sensitivity and caring nature that allows her access into deep levels of our being to bring healing and renewal. Working with Linda has helped me fine tune at levels that I could not access on my own. The expertise of the healing modalities she facilitates along with her deep intuitive keenness makes Linda one of the most talented natural healers of our time.” Carol Tuttle, International New Age Speaker, author of Remembering Wholeness

“Linda Lile is a gifted, sensitive and highly skilled Gemstone Practitioner. She has been involved and supportive of me and of my work with THERAPUTIC gemstones for more than 20 years. Her profound connection with the gemstones and her genuine loving nature bring A UNIQUE depth and brilliance to her work.” Michael Katz, founder of Gemisphere, author of Gemstone Energy Medicine and Wisdom of the Gemstone Guradians, Internationally recognized authority on Therapeutic Gemstones

Linda Lile is just amazing. She intuitively works with the gemstones to place just the right one. The sensitivity which guides her straight to the right place where healing is needed is just breathtaking. It was a pleasure and an honour for me to be treated by her and I looking forward to be treated by her again.
Stefan Schmid, Gemstone Store Manager, Berlin Germany

“My lower back is doing fantastic now, the pain is almost resolved! I'm so grateful to you for helping me to recognize and unlock the emotional connection, Linda. I think it greatly accelerated the healing! I am starting to notice improvement with the other issues as well and look forward to even greater resolution with time and gentle help from the carnelian. I am so grateful to you and glad I did the session!” M.S. Minneapolis, MN

“Dear Linda,
Thank you so very much! You performed a miracle on my ankle--it hasn't hurt since you worked on it last night! My toe feels much better too.
I had my follow-up appointment with the doctor today and he was very pleased with the healing process so far. A large part of that was due to your healing work on Monday night. Thanks again for dropping by on your way to Salt Lake. It might be selfish to say since I was the recipient, but I think you were inspired to come see me. ” Heather S., Provo, UT

“My last 2 years of work with Linda has unlocked fixed traumas that limited my ability to feel relaxed and be at peace in my life. My work and family have all benefited from the freedom I now have. At 47 I have come back home to myself.
Thank you Linda!” Audrey James, CEO of Paradigm Nouveau Enterprises, member: Clinton Global Initiative

“Hi Linda,
I wanted to also give you a testimonial about my first impression of the blue sapphire but I sensed you did not have much time on the phone so I'm writing it instead.
It's such a joyful feeling, I still have a sense of joy bubbling inside of me. Receiving and putting on the blue sapphire really felt like "coming home." I started laughing after I put it on. It also feels like my entire being is so much lighter, clearer, and uplifted. I can feel all of my chakras being more open, not just the throat chakra but also my heart chakra and all the others.
So I can clearly see now the great importance of working with my strength ray. Thank you so much for helping me in this tremendously important discovery. ” Kent D. Ashville, N.C.

“I love the way you integrate the essential oils into your sessions! The cranial work is relaxing and settling, but I just melt into the table when you rub the essential oils into the bottoms of my feet.”  Susan H. Lakeville, Minnesota

Blue Necklace

Metamorphosis Quartz, Golden Quartz, Dark Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli

Gemstone spheres can open gateways to your inner worlds promoting deep and profound healing.


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