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Trauma Resolution

“My last 2 years of work with Linda has unlocked fixed traumas that limited my ability to feel relaxed and be at peace in my life. My work and family have all benefited from the freedom I now have. At 47 I have come back home to myself. Thank you Linda!”   Audrey James, Paradigm Nouveau; Member, Clinton Global Initiative

Trauma resolution uses awareness of body sensation to help people ''renegotiate'' and heal their traumas rather than relive them. Supportive guidance into the body’s instinctive sensations or “felt sense” allows the autonomic nervous system to safely and gradually discharge highly aroused survival energies that have been trapped. Discharge of these energies frequently results in reduction or disappearance of traumatic symptoms.


Essential Oils with Kyanite

“Trauma Resolution…offers a safe, gradual way … to eliminate the excess energy caused by overwhelming events.” Peter Levine, Ph.D.


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