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Gemstone Workshops

Boulder, CO
Sept 14-16, 2012

Gemstone Workshops

“Linda Lile is a gifted, sensitive and highly skilled Gemstone Practitioner... Her profound connection with the gemstones and her genuine loving nature bring A UNIQUE depth and brilliance to her work.”
Michael Katz, Internationally recognized authority on Therapeutic Gemstones, author of Gemstone Energy Medicine, founder of Gemisphere.

For centuries Gemstones have been esteemed as powerful energy tools for healing, transformation and upliftment. These hands-on workshops offer simple ways to work with Gemstones to support healing of body, mind and spirit. All workshops include demos, self therapies, optional partner work and more. Therapeutic Gemstones will be available for loan and for purchase.

Boulder Workshops

An ongoing Gemstone Study Group meets monthly in Boulder. Please contact Linda for further information.

Please RSVP for full day and weekend workshops, or contact for further information:, (303) 525-0161

Blue Necklace

Gemstone Therapy Tools: therapy rods with Gemandalas, therapy wand with White Beryl.


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